Take that Baking Soda!



I know what you’re thinking – OMG where did you get a round container for baking soda with a LID!  For the casual and pro baker – the idea of a baking soda container that doesn’t close tightly has always baffled me.  Love the baking powder container with not only a lid but a leveler included on the top!  I thought I had found the answer with a round plastic container of baking soda found at the store.  But alas, it was not to be.  So I continued on till I moved in with mom and we had two canisters of baking powder.

This is mind-numbingly simple.  So when my tall plastic baking soda canister (pictured at left) ran out, I removed the label.  Once you have an empty baking power container (which I will admit, takes a long time to use), clean out the best you can and then wrap the baking powder label around it.  Seriously, it is a perfect fit.  Then buy a new container of baking powder and a small box of baking soda.  Using a funnel, the small box will fit nicely in your new container.  What if you buy a big box? No worries, just fill as normal and place the rest in the fridge to absorb odors.

Mind blown.   


How to Decorate a Giant Cookie

I love giant cookies.  In my previous life at at a PBS/NPR station, I put together a few PBS KIDS themed goodies and in 2008 I tackled the giant cookie.  After looking at several characters, I picked Grover.  Your supplies will vary with whichever character you pick.  When selecting a picture, go with something simple if you are just starting out.


  • Giant Cookie (purchased or homemade)
  • 1 can white icing
  • 1 can fudge/chocolate icing
  • Gel food coloring – Blue (Wilton)
  • Gel food coloring – No-taste Red (Wilton)
  • Gel food coloring – Black (Wilton)
  • Gel decoration icing – Black
  • 1 toothpick
  • 4 straight pins
  • Printout of character
  • 4 Small piping tips & bags, or 1 tip and 4 bags (you’ll need to wash tip between colors)
  • Lazy Susan (opt)


Purchase cookie at your local grocery store.  Call ahead to make sure they have them in stock, some stores don’t want to sell blank ones.  Or you can make one, either from already made dough or make your own.  When cool, place on cardboard cake decorator board.  Round ones are available and use a spot of icing to keep the cookie on the board.    If you purchased the cookie ready made, the tin it came it is fine.  Place cookie on Lazy Susan.  This will give you flexibility of movement.

Pick your design.  There are many great designs out there in the form of coloring sheets.  Pick a favorite and then blow it up with a copier to the size you want.  I took a piece of a Glover coloring sheet for mine.Use stick pins to attach template to cookie.  Using a toothpick, poke along the outlines.  Depending on the design, you might want to make these close together.  Remove template and check to make sure your guidelines are easy to follow.

Divide icing into 3 bowls and dye:

1/2 cup pink
1/3 cup white
Dye the remaining icing blue.

Remember that the dye will dry darker then when it’s wet.

Take 1/3 cup fudge/chocolate icing and tint with black

Outline outside edge of face, mouth, and eyes with piping tip.  Fill in with blue icing and create texture of ‘fur’ with knife or decorating tool.

Fill in nose with pink icing.  Take remaining pink icing and dye red to make a reddish pink color.  Add a touch of black if you need it darker.  Let set for a minute or two.

Outline mouth with red and fill in with red icing.  Let set for a minute or two.

Fill in inside of mouth with chocolate/black icing. Cover remaining blue outline between mouth and nose.

Pipe  in eyes with white icing.  let sit for a few minute and smooth ridges with a paper towel to make a smooth finish.

Take a melon baller and lightly touch the eyes with the open side to create ‘iris’ outlines.  Outline with gel decorating icing and then fill in.

Let set and then cover. Enjoy!

Cooking Fun: Elmo Treat

Elmo Rice Krispie Treat

In a former life, I worked for a PBS/NPR affiliate and made this for a work function.  It was a nice alternative to a cake and really easy – I made 6 in the course of one night!  These are the instructions for one.


  • Elmo Cake Pan (Wilton)
  • Gel Food Coloring – No Taste Red (Wilton)
  • Gel Food Coloring – Gold (Wilton)
  • Gel Food Coloring – Black (Wilton)
  • 1 can White Icing
  • 1 can Fudge Chocolate Icing
  • Gel Decorating Icing – Black
  • Melon Baller – optional


  1. Grease Elmo Cake Pan, spray works well.
  2. Fix Rice Krispie recipe (see below)
  3. Pour Rice Krispie into the pan and let cool for about 15 minutes or till pan is still warm to touch.
  4. Flip over pan onto serving platter or carrier. If pan doesn’t lift off easily, then warm a towel and lay on pan to warm the surface.  Lift off when able and let cool completely.
  5. Tint Icing
    1/4 cup white – gold
    1/8 cup fudge – black (using fudge/chocolate limits the amount of black food coloring needed)
  6. Ice eyeballs in white
  7. Using picture on cake pan label as a guide, outline mouth with black gel decorating icing.  Then using the colored fudge icing, fill in mouth.  Use a toothpick or knife to guide icing into corners.
  8. Ice nose in gold icing.
  9. Using the melon baller, create a circle on the eyeball for Elmo’s iris.  Use black gel decorating icing to outline.  Let set for a few minutes and then fill in with gel decorating icing.

All Done!  Enjoy!

Rice Krispie Recipe

Use Official Rice Krispie recipe found here. Right after marshmallows are melted, add about 1 1/2 tsp red gel food coloring.  The color will get deeper as the rice krispie cools.