Doll Clothes Hanging System

20130916_205008I saw a similar clothes hanging system on the Thimbles and Acorns Facebook site.    I thought this would be great to use for crafts shows, so I made one of my own.  The price for the materials was less then $20 and took an afternoon to put together. I wanted something tall and wide enough so the bagged clothes wouldn’t brush the floor and a couple arrangements for the variety of clothes I might be selling.  The racks are spaced 14″ apart (which worked really well for bagged clothes with doll or child-sized hangers) and 18″in wide.  The supply list below will provide the following hanging arrangements:

4 Total racks:

  • 1 rack 24″ high OR add an additional bar to make 2 racks 11″ high
  • 2 racks 18″ high
  • 1 rack 10″ high

Supply List

  • 3 – 10 ft pieces of 1/2″ PVC pipe
    1 piece cut into (4) 18″ & (4) 11″ pieces (about 4″ left over)
    1 piece cut into (2) 18″, (1) 17.5″, (4) 14″ pieces, & (4) 2″ pieces (2.5″ left over)
    1 piece cut into (4) 18″, (2) 14″ & (2) 10″ pieces (this will use the whole piece of pipe)
  • 10 “T” connectors
  • 12 Elbow pieces


  1. Cut PVC pipes using the above guide.  I used my Nextel saw and painters tape to ensure a straight line while cutting.
  2. 20130916_165415Smooth rough edges and sand markings off pipe.  Do this by hand or machine using 200 grit sandpaper.  Sand all surfaces if planning to paint it.
  3. Wipe surfaces clean and put together.


  1. 20130916_204708For the bottom frame, construct each side by using three 14″ pieces together with 4 “T” joints. Add a 2″ piece to each end and place an elbow piece on each end (one side will face left, and the other side will face right).  Connect elbow pieces together with an 18″ piece.
  2. For each of the 18″ racks, make an inverted “U” shape with three 18″ pieces and two elbow joints.
  3. 20130916_204631For the 24″ rack: To make each side, join two 11″ pieces with a “T” joint and connect an elbow piece on the end.  Connect the “T” joint and Elbow pieces together with 18″ piece on the top and the 17.5 at the “T” joint.
  4. For the 10″ racks, make a “U” shape with two 10″ pieces and one 18″ using two elbow joints.
  5. Connect each of the racks to the bottom frame sides.


The size I made mine ended up being a bit bigger then I would use in day to day life, however if you have a lot of clothes this works great.  To make it smaller, you can make the bottom side pieces 12″ instead of 14″.  However, height needs to be at least 16″ to hang outfits and at least 9″ for separates.  Marking the pieces would also be a good plan for quick assembly.

I think I will work on some kind of carrier/bag for this.  But at least it will break down into a tote easily for hauling.

Some blooper shots with the cat…


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