Being a single lady and a HUGE Jane Austen fan, this puts into words the love/hate relationship I have had with the illusive Mr. Darcy over the years.

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It was a good week for Jane Austen fans. After 97 episodes of the Lizzie Bennett Diaries airing over YouTube for nearly a year, fan girls finally got their opportunity to squeal in delight as Lizzie Bennett (played wonderfully by Ashley Clements [@TheAshleyClem]) and William Darcy (played expertly by Daniel Vincent Gordh[@Danielvgordh]) finally kissed in Episode 98. On personal note, aside from this bit of escapism and an uncharacteristically good Wednesday, the week mostly sucked. It’s partially my fault; I let something consume me that a lot of other single women allow to preoccupy them as well. I’m talking about that particularly vexing part of the dating scene: the promised call from the guy you’ve seen recently that never comes. These may seem like two unrelated events aside from timing, but trust me – there is an important connection. Stay tuned.

The man in question (let’s…

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