Take that Baking Soda!



I know what you’re thinking – OMG where did you get a round container for baking soda with a LID!  For the casual and pro baker – the idea of a baking soda container that doesn’t close tightly has always baffled me.  Love the baking powder container with not only a lid but a leveler included on the top!  I thought I had found the answer with a round plastic container of baking soda found at the store.  But alas, it was not to be.  So I continued on till I moved in with mom and we had two canisters of baking powder.

This is mind-numbingly simple.  So when my tall plastic baking soda canister (pictured at left) ran out, I removed the label.  Once you have an empty baking power container (which I will admit, takes a long time to use), clean out the best you can and then wrap the baking powder label around it.  Seriously, it is a perfect fit.  Then buy a new container of baking powder and a small box of baking soda.  Using a funnel, the small box will fit nicely in your new container.  What if you buy a big box? No worries, just fill as normal and place the rest in the fridge to absorb odors.

Mind blown.   


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